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Doldrum Espresso Shots From a Panda

Just a peek into my mind and what lurks in the shadows.

19 October
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Me. Right. Well, I'm nihilistic and pessimistic to a fault.
I'm moody; one moment I'll be the sweetest, kindest, most giggly dude around and the next I can be depressed and stroppy. Though I try to make sure I don't go total Mr. Nihilistic until I'm by myself, I try not to push people away too much. Nothing feels worse than being alone.
But I'm not a total downer, most of the time I'm floating by on total chill and coffee. I'm relaxed and really laid back, it takes a lot to get me riled up.
I kinda want Slenderman to follow me around, who knows, we might have something in common.