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Hello...anybody who actually reads my brain vomit (and isn't that just the loveliest mental picture ever...) Today is personal rant day!
So i went over to my friend Anya's place and we were hanging out, as we're wont to do, as a group. It was me, Anya (my friend), and her roommates (we'll call them Thing 1 and Thing 2).
And Thing 2 has this thing for me. I'm not flattering myself (i don't think there's much to flatter...) she makes it obvious...like *high pitched voice*~ Oh, Hamish! You spilled some crumbs on your lap! Here, let me just rub your crotch free of the crumbs while i smush my breasts all up on your arm...~ And most guys would gladly let some girl get up all in their little guys space...but i wasn't raised like that (younger brother to three older sisters...the respect i learned for women). It's just creepy and awfully uncomfortable. Not to mention i feel absolutely nothing towards her.
But the point of this story is...i'm at an impasse my dear interwebs. I love hanging out with Anya, she's the bee's knees! But hanging out with her usually means walking around the city (which is lovely!) and then going back to her place to hang out or do homework, and that means Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing 1 is great! She's nice and is wicked when it comes to playing Left 4 Dead 2, so that earns her brownie points....but Thing 2 makes me honest to God uncomfortable...(how sad is that...some tiny girl makes me uncomfortable) i don't want to be rude and, like, say something mean to her but she just doesn't get the meaning of the word no...and Anya and i can't really hang out at my place. I don't think she'd be as comfortable around three 20/21 year old guys playing video games in their underpants while shouting at the tv and being testosterone fueled men in every sense of the words...
And wow...isn't this just the saddest post you ever did see?! ...no more whiny posts...
Anyways, maybe Slenderman had it right. What with going and spending all his time at the club, well, whenever he's not chasing people for taking down his pictures in woods and abandoned places...i'm gunna buy a suit and some paper so i can start putting pictures up too!


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Mar. 6th, 2013 11:52 am (UTC)
Was having quite the shit morning, and Hamish, I must say this made it quite a bit better! Good luck with the thing(2) ;p
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